Pro Audio Technology to launch massive 24in subwoofer at CEDIA US

Gigantic bass box designed to meet consumer demand, apparently...

US high-end audio marque Pro Audio Technology will be showing off its latest subwoofer at the CEDIA Expo in Denver next month – a 1.5m wide bass beast with a 24in driver. In fact, the brand will use two of the new LFC-24sm woofers in its show demo, just to make sure attendees get the idea.

Weighing over 120kg and front-ported, Pro Audio Technology's reference sub is naturally not a product for a regular living room setup – it's been designed 'to meet the bass requirements of the world's most elite home cinemas,' we're told.

To achieve that goal, the LFC-24sm uses the largest bass driver in the consumer home cinema market. Driven by the brand's 1,000W Programmable Modular Amplifier (PMA), its peak output is rated at a trouser-flapping 129.5dB. The PMA naturally offers in-room performance calibration controls, including parametric EQ and delay.

Rebuffing the notion that it's solely an excersise in LFE lunacy, Paul Hales, founder of Pro Audio Technology founder, says the LFC-24sm orginated in response to demand from dealers looking for products to match the lavish cinema rooms created for affluent customers. For some people, we guess, an 18in sub just isn't big enough...