Paradigm Founder Series aims to bring performance and style to your movie room

Canadian audio brand Paradigm has announced a new six-strong loudspeaker series designed for use in both home cinema and hi-fi setups.

The Founder range slots in below Paradigm's flagship Persona models, and leverages some of the latter's engineering principles. Yet it also debuts new proprietary driver and cabinet technologies.

The series features three floorstanders (one an active/passive hybrid with integrated ARC Genesis room EQ) and a standmount, plus a dedicated centre channel and an LCR model intended for use both vertically and horizontally. There's no sign yet of a Founder Series subwoofer.

Pricing is from £2,400 per pair for the Founder 40B standmount to £8,600 per pair for the range-topping Founder 120H.

'The Founder Series offers anyone looking for great sound the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to system building,' says Paradigm.

Used across the range are new AL-MAC (Aluminium, Magnesium and Ceramic) tweeters, AL-MAG (Aluminium Magnesium) mid-range and bass/mid units, and CARBON-X 'Unibody' bass drivers in 5.5in, 6in, 7in and 8in variants. There's also a coaxial tweeter/mid driver for the centre and LCR speakers.


Meanwhile, the Founder Series' cabinet architecture, dubbed Cascade, replaces 'traditional square cabinet geometry' with faceted MDF enclosures with 1-inch-thick top and bottom insets and internal bracing. All the speakers are available four finishes: Walnut and Black Walnut wood veneer, and Midnight Cherry (pictured right) and Piano Black high gloss.

The Founder Series is the first new lineup from Paradigm since the return in 2019 of Scott Bagby, who founded the company in 1982 and is now Paradigm CEO.

'The Founder Series is a strong accomplishment for Paradigm,' says Bagby. 'We are combining an iconic design, sound that has astounding clarity along with a delicate and believable realism, and a sonic impact that will send shivers down your spine.'

Paradigm Founder Series: models and pricing

  • Founder 40B, £1,199 each: Two-way standmount with 1 x 1in AL-MAC tweeter and 1 x 6in AL-MAG mid/bass.
  • Founder 70LCR, £1,699.99 each. Three-way cabinet for both surround/stereo and centre channel use, with 2 x 5.5in CARBON-X bass drivers 1 x 7in coaxial HF/mid-range driver.
  • Founder 90C, £2,649 each: Three-way centre channel with 2 x 7in CARBON-X bass drivers, 2 x 7in passive radiators and 1 x 7in coaxial HF/mid-range driver.
  • Founder 80F, £1,899 each: Two-and-a-half-way floorstander with 1 x 1in AL-MAC tweeter, 1 x 6in AL-MAG mid/bass and 2 x 6in CARBON-X bass drivers.
  • Founder 100F, £2,699 each: Three-way floorstander with 1 x 1in AL-MAC tweeter, 1 x 6in AL-MAG midrange and 3 x 7in CARBON-X bass drivers.
  • Founder 120H, £4,299 each (pictured below): Three-way 'hybrid' floorstander with 1 x 1in AL-MAC tweeter and 1 x 6in AL-MAG midrange, plus 3 x 8in CARBON-X bass drivers with 1,000W amplification and ARC Genesis room correction.