Paradigm announces 2.1 and soundbar Shift range

Millenia, MilleniaOne and Soundstack systems aim to boost your TV's sonics

At around £1,200, the MilenniaOne CT 2.1 is the most expensive option. This array offers two speakers with adjustable table stands and a 100W active subwoofer, able to be positioned either horizontally or vertically. A control box for easy connection to external sources, remote control and the six cables needed for hook-up (power, optical, 3.5mm, control box cable and speaker cables) are provided.

Further down the range is the Milennia CT 2.1, a £700 package that bears a resemblance to its higher-end stablemate. The difference between the two? Cast aluminium speaker enclosures, 'more sophisticated' driver complements and changes to the subwoofer design. 'For those who want a compact plug ‘n play system with a Reference performance, the MilleniaOne CT is the ideal choice,' says the brand.

Those looking for a fuss-free setup will be more interested in the £800 Soundtrack soundbar/subwoofer system. Its six-driver 'bar features two bass/midrange drivers, two passive radiators and two tweeters, with driver complements separated within the cabinet to aid sonic clarity and channel separation. The dual-ported subwoofer, which can be used both wirelessly and wired, features an 8in composite cone driver driven by a 100W amplifier. Digital optical and analogue stereo inputs on the rear panel of the soundbar provide connection options.

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