Optoma UHL55 projector wants to bring largescreen 4K to everyone

Optoma has been busy this year assembling an extensive range of 4K DLP projectors, including its affordable and 3D-capable UHD51, and its laser-powered flagship, the UHZ65. Now it's unleashed a new UHL55 projector, with aspirations to be an AV everyman, partnering 4K projection with consumer-friendly features.

Chief among these is LED illumination, which offers instant on/off functionality and a claimed lamp-life of up to 30,000 hours. Joining this on the video spec sheet is support for HDR10 and 3D playback, fed from dual HDMI 2.0 inputs. Optoma's PureMotion processing is on hand to tackle motion blur/judder.

The PJ has no zoom, so its throw ratio is fixed at 1.2:1.

Additional features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections – the latter enabling the PJ to wirelessly link to external speakers and headphones (or a keyboard/mouse for PC activities). There's also an in-built stereo speaker system, plus a digital optical audio output to allow Dolby Digital 5.1 to be passed on to a home cinema setup.

The UHL55 also packs a media player (with 4K support) and USB input. Control is via a Bluetooth zapper, with additional interactivity possible through Amazon Alexa hardware.

The projector is available now priced around £1,500.

Optoma UK