Optoma announces 4K projector with 3D playback talents

UHD51 beamer targets film fans with 3D BD collections

Optoma is refreshing its 4K projector lineup with the UHD51, an HDR-capable 4K DLP model that also supports 3D Blu-ray playback.

Priced at £1,500, the UHD51 features Texas Instruments' familiar XPR technology, plus twin HDMI inputs, Pure Motion frame interpolation processing and a claimed brightness of 2,400 Lumens. 

3D playback support, says Optoma, extends to 3D Blu-ray, games consoles and 3D broadcasting – not that there's much of the latter about.

Previously, all of Optoma's UHD projectors – like their affordable rivals – have been 2D only.

When it comes to setup, the UHD51 offers a 1.3x zoom, 1.21-1.59:1 throw ratio, vertical lens shift, and a 12V trigger for integration with an automated setup. It also packs onboard speakers (rated at 2 x 5W), and claims a 500,000:1 contrast ration. 'Typical' running noise is suggested to be 25dB.