Perlisten Audio debuts world's first THX Certified Dominus loudspeakers

Newly formed US loudspeaker company Perlisten Audio has announced the world's first speakers to achieve a THX Certified Dominus rating.

Comprising floorstander, bookshelf, monitor, centre and surround models, plus four subwoofer options, Perlisten Audio's lineup meets the standards of THX's new criteria that aims to 'bridge the gap between large home theatre speakers and those used in movie theatres worldwide.'

Dominus joins THX's pre-existing Compact, Select and Ultra certification programs. Products are certified for use in cinema rooms up to 184 cubic metres and with viewing distances up to six metres.

THX's Dominus testing process for loudspeakers includes reaching 120dB SPL at 1m while maintaining 'very low distortion', and offering a minimum 92dB sensitivity rating.

The company has also suggested THX Dominus certified power amplifiers are in the pipeline.

PerListen Audio's speakers and subs should hit the North American market this Spring - no UK distribution has yet been announced. Flagship models are the S7t, a four-way tower with beryllium dome tweeter, twin bass drivers and a claimed 18Hz low-end reach, and the D215s subwoofer, which packs a rated 3,000W amplifier and twin 15in carbon fibre composite woofers.

'From distortion-free sonics to overall impact, Dominus is a remarkable engineering achievement,' says PerListen Audio CEO Dan Roemer.

Perlisten Audio