Musical fidelity M6x 250.7 Multichannel Power Amp Review

hccbestbuybadgev3Mark Craven wrestles this beefy multichannel amplifier into place, and then gets drunk on power

Here's something I wasn't expecting. Musical Fidelity, the audio brand known for its high-end hi-fi products, and association with turntable maker Pro-Ject, which acquired the company in 2018, has launched a seven-channel power amplifier. And it's a big old beast of an amp too.

Available now via UK distributor Henley Audio, the M6x 250.7 is the first of three multichannel amplifiers incoming from Musical Fidelity – apparently there are five-channel and 11-channel models, based around the same technology, due to launch. This begs the question of whether the manufacturer will also unleash a multichannel processor, but there's no word on such a thing yet. Still, as I wrote in my recent review of the seven-channel Emotiva BasX A5 (HCC #335), multichannel power amps aren't exactly common, so even if Musical Fidelity doesn't add a partnering processor, I'm not going to grumble.

Backside Story
If any processor does arrive, it will no doubt offer a balanced output to match the M6x 250.7's seven balanced inputs, on XLR connections, found on the rear panel. There's also the option of an unbalanced connection via RCA. Musical Fidelity doesn't, however, provide the usual switch to select between the two. Don't connect both types at once, then...

Other back panel features include something else a little unusual – seven further RCA output terminals. These enable the input signal to be fed to the adjacent amplifier output, for bi-amping. There are also in/out triggers for system integration (with on/off switch), IEC socket and power button, and a bank of well-spaced gold-plated multi-way speaker terminals.


Two proprietary transformers feed the seven individual amp modules

The front panel is, as expected, uncluttered. Musical Fidelity says it 'gives you a clear understanding of what is going on with the amplifier,' which basically means there are small LED status lights for each channel, and a standby button.

Those who believe the principle espoused in Jurassic Park of 'if it's heavy, it's expensive' might imagine the M6x 250.7 sells for more than £3,099, because it tips the scales at an impressive 32.5kg. Consideration should be given to this when deciding where to place it, as should its dimensions – this amplifier is slightly wider than standard at 45cm, as well as 43cm deep and nearly 20cm high. It sits on four chunky chrome-finish feet.

Because of its size, its presence will be felt unless you rack it away out of sight, but the all-metal chassis (available in either black or silver), with bevelled milled aluminium fascia, does at least look quite smart.

Quiet Please!
The amp's weight is explained by Musical Fidelity's use of Class A/B amplifier technology, and the presence of not one but two toroidal transformers. These are in-house 'audiophile-grade' Super Silent designs, also seen in the company's stereo hardware including its M6x DAC (HCC #334), and, says Musical Fidelity, are a key part of the amp's 'high dynamic range and detailed soundstage'.

Beneath the pressed steel lid, the M6x 250.7 features a neat modular construction, with the seven individual power modules lurking behind the twin transformers. The audio circuit design follows the 'same principles' as other models in the brand's upper-tier M6 series.

Each amp module gets it own side-mounted heat-sink, allowing Musical Fidelity to eschew any internal cooling fans that might whirr into action and spoil your enjoyment of a movie.

Musical Fidelity