Monitor Audio launches revamped Bronze series, adds Atmos speaker

Monitor Audio has now officially launched its new Bronze Series speakers, following sneak previews earlier this year.

The new-look models will be the sixth generation of the company's affordable series, and the first update since 2015.

The Bronze Series aims to offer everything a home cinema system builder could want, from wall-mountable dipole/bipole 'FX' speakers to Dolby Atmos upfirers. Traditional models include bookshelf and floorstanders.

Pricing, announced today, is as follows:
• Bronze 50 (bookshelf) – £260 per pair
• Bronze 100 (bookshelf) – £325 per pair
• Bronze 200 (floorstander) – £570 per pair
• Bronze 500 (floorstander) – £770 per pair
• Bronze C150 (centre) – £175 each
• Bronze FX (rear/surround) – £300 per pair
• Bronze AMS (Dolby Atmos enabled) – £300 per pair
• Bronze W10 (subwoofer) – £525 each

Monitor Audio says the Bronze 6G speakers 'have received a complete upgrade in both sound and build quality to give a performance to remember.'

Revisions include a new Uniform Dispersion Waveguide for MA's C-CAM gold dome tweeters, and 'Damped Concentric Mode' technology to improve crossover between midbass drivers and tweeters.

Finish options are white, black, walnut and urban grey. The Bronze AMS Dolby Atmos module is a perfect fit size-wise for the Bronze 50 and Bronze 200 models, but also designed to sit pretty atop the larger Bronze 100 bookshelf and Bronze 500 floorstander.


Monitor Audio