LG unveils high-brightness OLED Evo panel at CES 2021, previews G1 and C1 ranges

LG has announced a significant refresh for both its OLED and Nanocell LCD TVs at CES, and rebooted WebOS with a whole new interface.

Big news on the OLED front is a new screen size, and an improved OLED panel design boasting greater luminosity. Dubbed OLED EVO, it’ll debut on the brand’s incoming G1 Gallery series, and offer higher brightness and greater contrast.

A new C1 OLED series will range from a 48in gamer-friendly screen to the new 83in model. The company is also bringing in an alternative to the familiar pedestal stand or wall mount options with a new 'Gallery Stand' tripod design.

LG's latest intelligent processor, the Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI, will debut on its OLED Z1, G1 and C1 series, plus new QNED MiniLED TV models (the QNED99 and QNED95) and NanoCell TVs (NANO99 and NANO95).

This uprated Alpha processor uses deep learning to enhance upscaling – AI Picture Pro recognises onscreen objects such as faces and bodies and distinguishes between foregrounds and backgrounds, processing each object independently for more image depth. The silicon is also able to detect content genre, and optimise the picture accordingly, and has all-new scene detection.

The processor also introduces a new version of LG’s AI Sound Pro technology, which adds two tools for 2021: vVirtual 5.1.2 surround sound upmixing, and an Auto Volume Levelling feature.

To recap, the 2021 C1 series OLED TVs will come in 48in, 55in, 65in, 77in and 83in sizes. The G1 OLED Evo will come in 55in, 65in and 77in.

All of these are 4K sets. LG's 8K OLED offerings will come in the shape of its Signature Z1 77in and 88in models.

All 2021 LG OLED TVs are G-SYNC compatible, offer FreeSync Premium support and have variable refresh rate (VRR), enhanced audio return channel (eARC) and automatic low latency mode (ALLM).

LG is also giving webOS a major overhaul for 2021, with a new fullscreen UI that does away with the original launcher bar.

Intriguingly, LG suggests that EU regulations regarding onscreen displays meant it could no longer continue with its launcher bar design.

The new webOS full page is topped by an info and search bar, followed (in descending order) by rails for curated content, the home dashboard, Live TV, specific LG channels, sports, and then streaming channel highlights from Netflix and Disney+. The aim, we’re told, is to get a more personalised service. The interface is driven by a new, sleeker magic remote.