LG Electronics unveils its SoundPlate

New 4.1-channel TV speaker base promises to be 'one of the slimmest on the market'

LG Electronics is the latest AV manufacturer to try its hand at producing a speaker base system for your TV to stand on. While other manufacturers such as Onkyo and Denon have already announced their own versions of the technology, LG's newcomer claims to be 'one of the slimmest on the market' and undoubtedly has the daftest name.

Available in late October, priced around £350, the LG SoundPlate (model number: LPA340) is just 35mm tall and has been designed for use with TVs from 32in to 55in. The 4.1-channel audio system employs a 'high-end' DAC as well as dual neodymium magnets in the system's speakers.

The easy to install and configure SoundPlate can be connected to your TV either with a single wire or wirelessly – although LG's claim that the latter is ideally suited for wall-mounted screens surely defeats the whole purpose of opting for a speaker base system over a traditional soundbar. Still, the SoundPlate is also Bluetooth-enabled, ensuring compatibility with external devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablets.