LEGO unveils Tron: Legacy set

The latest release from the LEGO Ideas range is yet another treat for film fans...

As big fans of both LEGO and Joseph Kosinski's 2010 sci-fi sequel Tron: Legacy, Team HCC can't wait to get their hands on this upcoming release from the Danish toy brand's 'Ideas' range.

The 230-piece Tron: Legacy set includes LEGO replicas of Sam and Rinzler's Light Cycles (complete with translucent power stream effects), plus a grid display base and three minifigures (Sam Flynn, Quorra and Rinzler). Each Light Bike measures over 5cm tall and 17cm long, while the grid display base measures 22cm wide and 9cm deep.

The set also includes a booklet featuring building instructions, information about the set's fan creator and LEGO designers, and a guide to the film and its principal characters.

The Tron: Legacy LEGO Ideas set goes on sale on March 31, priced £29.99. However, a special signing event is taking place at the Leicester Square LEGO Store on March 29.

The LEGO Ideas range allows users to submit concepts for potential sets to The LEGO Group. The designers of any sets that gain the support of more than 10,000 fans, make it through the subsequent review process and become retail sets receive 1-per cent of the royalties. LEGO Ideas (formerly LEGO Cuusoo) has proven particularly popular with film fans over the years and previous film/TV-related sets include The DeLorean Time MachineGhostbusters Ecto-1, The Big Bang Theory, WALL-E, Doctor Who and The Beatles Yellow Submarine.