KEF unleashes new KF92 subwoofer

KEF has added another subwoofer to its suite of dedicated bassmakers, in the shape of the KF92. Available from November priced £2,000, it will slot into KEF's range above the existing Kube 12b, 10b and 8b models.

The sub features dual 9in drivers, hybrid paper/aluminium designs crafted specifically for this new model, in a force-cancelling configuration. Each is independently powered by a 500W amp. Behind the scenes, 'huge' motor systems and vented voice coils deliver 'lineraity and vanishingly low distortion.'


KEF claims the KF92 drops as low as 11Hz, but it isn't all about trouser-flapping depth and slam. The brand's Music Integrity Engine DSP aims to maintain detail and nuance, while placement-dependent EQ brings placement flexibility.

The cabinet, meanwhile, is relatively compact, measuring 33cm wide and 36cm deep. A sealed design, it's backplate offers LFE and speaker level connectivity, EQ controls and low-profile heatsinks.

Visit KEF's website for more info.