KEF launches new, revised R Series loudspeaker range

KEF’s R Series speaker range, which debuted in 2012 with the addition of a Dolby Atmos upfiring model (the R50) in 2014, has now been fully revamped. The new R Series comprises three floorstanders, plus standmount, centre channel and Atmos options, and will be available from November.

The company claims 1,043 individual design/construction changes have been implemented, with developments previously utilised in its flagship Reference Series now making their way into the upper mid-range R Series.

Key revisions naturally concern the drivers. A 12th-generation UniQ (the coaxial design that’s a staple of KEF’s product) features a tweaked motor system and all-new architecture: ‘The design of Uni-Q necessitates a narrow gap between the drivers, which can be excited by sound waves at certain frequencies,’ reports KEF. ‘The new structure and damping system eliminates these resonances, resulting in an even more smooth, transparent and detailed treble performance than ever before.’

Meanwhile, a ‘Shadow Flare’ trim ring design aims to reduce diffraction effects and bass drivers have been retooled to improve excursion while allowing for slimmer cabinet designs. Internal bracing techniques first used in KEF’s LS50 speaker are also employed, joined by new port designs developed to reduce mid/low-frequency colouration.

Top of the new R Series range is the R11 floorstander (pictured), a three-way model featuring a quartet of 6.5in bass drivers and a 5in UniQ driver. Frequency response is rated at 30Hz-50kHz (-6dB). This flagship is priced at £4,000 per pair.

The R7 and R5 floorstanders are priced at £2,600 and £2,000 per pair respectively. The R7 uses two 6.5in bass drivers, while the smaller model uses two 5.25in woofers.

A single 6.5in bass driver joins a UniQ unit on the R3 standmount model (£1,300 per pair).

For those building home cinema setups, KEF continues to offer the necessary dedicated kit. Its R2c centre channel speaker (£850) features a UniQ driver flanked by twin 5.25in bass units, and for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X height layer audio, there’s the new R8a, a single UniQ driver model priced at £800 per pair. This is designed to sit on top any of the R Series floorstanders or standmount speaker, and will replace the R50, the world’s first Atmos upfiring speaker.

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