JVC unveils 2014 projector line-up

Trio of e-shift3 models claims to offer 'the industry's highest native dynamic contrast'

JVC has unveiled its latest home cinema projector line-up, promising a 'substantial improvement in image quality' alongside 'the industry's highest native and dynamic contrast'. Other advancements include a new imaging device, an upgraded version of the company's e-shift technology, 4K source compatibility and a user-selectable Intelligent Lens Aperture.

The three new models are the DLA-X900R, DLA-X700R and DLA-X500R (pictured above), all of which are 3D-enabled and offer 4K e-shift3. This latest iteration of JVC's e-shift wizardry features a 4K signal input (60p) so that both 4K and 2K sources can now be displayed as 3840 x 2160 images.

The projectors also use three sixth-generation D-ILA imaging devices. This new device features a pixel gap that is 40 per cent narrower that the previous chip. The result, so JVC claims, is a smoother picture, a ten per cent improvement in light efficiency for a light output of 1,300 lumens and improved native contrast (which is further enhanced by a new third-generation wire grid optical engine).

The company also says that implementation of a user-selectable Intelligent Lens Aperture results in deeper black levels while maintaining white levels 'superior to what's delivered by competing projectors using a dynamic iris'.

Thanks to these enhancements, JVC claims that the flagship DLA-X900R features a native contrast ratio of 150,000:1 and a dynamic contrast ratio of 1,500,000:1. Meanwhile, the DLA-X700R boasts 120,000:1 native and 1,200,000:1 dynamic, and the DLA-X500R 60,000:1 native and 600,000:1 dynamic.

Picture performance is further optimised by a new Multiple Pixel Control (MPC) processor with eight-band detection. This offers four presets plus an Auto setting that automatically selects the best up-conversion process based on the frequency of each pixel. In addition, a new Clear Black feature provides local area contrast enhancement, while the improved Clear Motion Drive used a new LSI and algorithm to deliver a 'significent improvement in motion artifacts on diagonal lines' with 2D 4K and 2K content and 3D 2K material.

The DLA-X900R and DLA-X700R also offer ISF certfication and have been designed to pass the 400-plus tests necessary to achieve THX 3D Certification (pending).

One current model, the entry-level DLA-X35, will carry over to the 2014 line-up alongside the three new models – all of which are scheduled to hit retail this November, prices TBC.