It's all over for Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova

US network pulls the plug on big budget science-fiction series

US TV network Fox has announced that it will not be bringing sci-fi flop Terra Nova back to TV screens for a second season.

Produced by Steven Spielberg, the big-budget time-travelling series was initially one of 2011's most hotly anticipated new TV drama series. But, after being delayed for some four months from its planned May debut due to concerns about the visual effects, when Terra Nova finally made it to US TV screens last September it was greeted by a wave of apathy from critics and audiences alike.

It's believed that Fox is now shopping the series around other networks to see if another home can be found for it. But given the high cost of producing the series, we find it hard to believe that anybody else will take a risk on it, and fans will have to make do with picking up the Blu-ray and DVD boxsets scheduled for release in September, in order to keep getting their Terra Nova fix.