The Incredibles 2 4K HDR version re-opens photosensitive viewer controversy

When The Incredibles 2 was first launched in cinemas this Summer in the US, some theatre chains were quick to introduce warning posters alerting attendees that it contained sequences that might affect those with photosensitive epilepsy, after complaints from some early viewers.

By the time the film debuted in the UK, Disney UK confirmed that it had prepared a ‘modified’ version, meaning cinema chains no longer needed to issue such warnings. This version (with the same running time as the original) was duly certified by the BBFC, and was described by that organisation as ‘re-edited’.

However, with the animated sequel now due to arrive on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download versions in the UK this November, the issue has resurfaced – but, oddly, only for the 4K HDR Digital iteration.

In Disney’s press release for The Incredibles 2 home media debut, it confirms the Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD/SD versions ‘have been modified in an effort to accommodate photosensitive viewers’. Yet details of the Digital 4K edition are accompanied by a warning that ‘some flashing-lights scenes… may affect photosensitive viewers.’

It may be that adding an HDR grade to the film has caused the ‘flashing-lights’ sequences to regain a level of intensity that Disney feels warrants such a warning. Or it may be that the House of Mouse has simply picked up the ‘unmodified’ version for its 4K outing – which, in the US, includes an Ultra HD Blu-ray release.

Either way, viewers susceptible to flashing images should note that the 4K Digital release is not the same as the one they may have already seen in cinemas.