I, Robot getting 3D Blu-ray makeover

Studio promises that it will be the first in a series of catalogue blockbusters to be converted

20th Century Fox has revealed that the Will Smith sci-fi blockbuster I, Robot will be coming to 3D Blu-ray later this year and will be the first in a series of the studio's so-called 'legacy films' that will undergo stereoscopic conversion specifically for re-release of 3D Blu-ray. The announcement came during the NAB 2012 trade show, which is currently taking place in Las Vegas.

The Hollywood studio is working with JVC Kenwood using a new low-cost conversion stereoscopic conversion process. 'Current 2D-3D conversions can cost $50,000 to $70,000 per minute, meaning feature films can cost $10million to $15million in total and take 600 to 700 people nine months or so to produce' stated Susumu Sakakibara, Director Video-Tech and General Manager Business Development, JVC. 'With this service, a feature like I, Robot can take three people three months to convert at a third of the price'.

'The advances in 3D conversion technology developed by JVC have exceeded our most optimistic expectations' claims Danny Kaye, EVP, Global Reasearch and Technology Strategy, 20th Century Fox. 'We look forward to bringing movies like the already visually stunning I, Robot to home on 3D Blu-ray'.

The news will undoubtedly be warmly received by broadcasters, as they continue to seek out more inventory to show on new 3D channels.