Home Cinema Choice 306 on sale now!

The Xmas issue of Home Cinema Choice is on sale today and as usual it's packed with all manner of AV goodness – including reviews of Optoma and Epson 4K projectors, Philips' OLED934 TV, and Arendal's entry-level subwoofer; a roundup of classic movies on UHD Blu-ray; our annual gift guide; and a whole lot more...

• 4K OLED Aims High Philips 65OLED934 TV adds Dolby Atmos audio and Ambilight immersion to 4K HDR visuals

• Bass Bargain: Arendal Sound's 1961 Subwoofer 1S leaves us shaken and stirred

• UHD Blu-ray 25 classic movies to own on 4K

• Also: We rustle up a wishlist of AV accessories, boxsets and books to put in your Christmas stocking; take a tour of a reader’s dedicated movie den; chat to Hollywood sound editor Midge Costin about cinema audio; and wonder whether high-frame-rate movies are a good idea…