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Ultra HD TVs! Budget Full HD projectors! The Criterion Collection! Sony's new HDR TV tech! It's all here!

This month's cover star is Philips' 55PUS8601 55in Ultra HD TV. Not only does it support High Dynamic Range, but this innovative 4K screen also boasts detachable speakers and the brand's four-sided Ambilight technology.

Elsewhere, we report from the Sound & Vision: Bristol Show 2016 to check everything from high-end Atmos demos to valve amp-powered media hubs. We also pay a visit to Sony's annual UK showcase and get hand's on with the brand's new line-up of ultra-thin 4K HDR TVs and audacious audio tech. 

With the legendary Criterion Collection making the jump to the UK this April, we grill company CEO Jonathan Turell about the ins and outs of launching a premium Blu-ray label and find out what it has in store for UK film fans.

Five Full HD projectors that won't break the bank go head-to-head in our grouptest. Find out which of the Acer V7500, BenQ W1110, Dell 4350, Epson EB-U04 and Optoma HD28DSE is the best for affordable bigscreen home entertainment.

Also in the issue: Anthem brings Dolby Atmos and DTS:X decoding to its MRX range of AV receivers. Denon's high-end nine-channel AVR-X6200W AVR reviewed. How to upgrade your PlayStation 4's hard drive. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 3D and Spectre Blu-rays reviewed. And a whole lot more! Enjoy the show.

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