Dynaudio launches revamped Emit loudspeaker series

Danish loudspeaker marque Dynaudio has revamped its Emit series for a new generation.

The range, currently featuring five models, replaces the outgoing Best Buy-awarded Emit series launched in 2015, but retains the affordable (to a point) price tags.

The brand describes its Emit speakers, which leverage driver and cabinet technology from its costlier Evoke and Special 40 models, as 'the entry point to the high-end Dynaudio universe... created to deliver eyebrow-raising audio performance for the price.'

The range comprises two standmount speakers (the Emit 10 and Emit 20) and two floorstander options (Emit 30 and Emit 50), plus the Emit 25C centre for home cinema builders.

There's no dedicated Emit subwoofer, but shoppers can investigate its active Sub 6 and Sub 3 models.

All the new Emit speakers were 'designed, styled, tuned and optimised' at Dynaudio's R&D lab – the home of its state-of-the-art Jupiter measuring facility.

Tweeters across the range are the Cerotar units (with custom magnet design and aluminium voice coils) previously seen on Dynaudio's Evoke series.

The speakers' MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) bass/mid drivers are also derived from the Evoke project. Here, a dual-stack magnet system is deployed.

'Using more magnets has given Dynaudio’s engineers greater control over the driver’s movement and excursion for more sonic precision,' says the company. 'This improves dynamics at lower frequencies while maintaining stellar midrange performance.'

The Emit series also features 'hybrid' crossover designs using combinations of first, second and fourth-order topologies ('a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't deliver the performance level' Dynaudio desired, we're told); a new bass-reflex port design; and internal damping material 'measured down to the gram'.

Pricing for the speakers, which are available now in Black, White or Walnut laminate finishes, is as follows:

  • Emit 10 standmount (pictured below) – £630 per pair

  • Emit 20 standmount – £825 per pair

  • Emit 30 floorstander – £1,300 per pair
Emit 50 floorstander – £1,750 per pair

  • Emit 25C centre – £600 each