Denon's DHT-S517 soundbar promises 'spectacular, immersive' Dolby Atmos audio

Denon has launched its first soundbar with dedicated Dolby Atmos drivers. The DHT-S517 is a 3.1.2-channel system with wireless subwoofer, priced at a keen £379.

Claiming the trend for 'thinner and thinner' TVs has resulted in a 'sacrificed sound experience', Denon believes its new Atmos model, which adds two upfiring drivers to a front-facing LCR array, delivers 'spectacular, immersive sound, all with an easy to use setup'.

The DHT-S517's soundbar enclosure features seven drivers in total, with the left and right channels featuring both tweeter and mid-range units. Amplification details are being kept under wraps.

Connections comprise an HDMI eARC port for hookup to a TV, an additional 4K HDR-capable HDMI input, plus optical digital audio and 3.5mm analogue ins. There's also Bluetooth streaming, but no Wi-Fi/Ethernet provision (nor the HEOS multiroom skills of Denon's Home 350 virtual Atmos model).

In addition to the usual roster of sound preset modes (Movie, Music and Night) the DHT-S517 offers a Pure setting, a trick borrowed from the company's AV receivers. In this mode, the soundbar switches off 'all surround processing and other adjusted characteristics.' The result, says the manufacturer, is 'the purest music listening experience that enthusiasts have come to expect from Denon.'

There's also a three-setting Dialogue Enhancer option to boost speech intelligibility, which also allows independent control of the centre channel level.

Sound tuning of the DHT-S517 has been conducted by Denon's Sound Masters team.

The soundbar, which is available soon, comes supplied with a learning remote control, plus HDMI and optical cables. It supports both table-top and wall-mount installation, the latter via keyhole fixings on the back of its 6cm-high black chassis.


Denon UK