Definitive Technology launches two models in new Descend subwoofer range

Definitive Technology has announced a new subwoofer range that kicks off with 8in and 12in models.

The Descend series will be available from August and introduces what the American brand calls its '3XR' architecture. This refers to the subs' use of dual passive radiators in addition to a single powered driver, to 'triple the bass-producing surface found in a traditional ported subwoofer.'

The DN12 (£1,000) and DN8 (£500) therefore don't feature conventional ports, which Definitive Technology says can lead to chuffing and distortion. The passive radiators are mounted on opposite sides, while the active driver is front-firing.

Somewhat unusually, the two subs come from the same range but utilise different technologies. The 'ultra-high-performance' DN12, which claims a low-frequency response down to 25Hz, features a custom-made 1,500W-rated Class H sliding rail amplifier, joined by a 56-bit DSP engine to fine-tune output, limit distortion, and provide Flat, Deep and Loud preset EQ modes.

The DN8, meanwhile, claims a 35Hz drop and uses a 500W Class D amplifier. There are no EQ settings, and it offers a standard 0/180-degree phase switch, instead of the DN12's 360-degree Intelligent Phase Control.

The DN12 also comes with a remote control, and uses a front panel LED to display volume, EQ and phase information.

Finish options are just Midnight Black for the pricier DN12, while the smaller more living room-friendly DN8 can also be bought in Glacier White.

Definitive Technology's US-centric website also features DN10 and DN15 models, but there's now news yet on distribution of these in the UK.