The Croods 3D review

Stone Age family meets cutting-edge AV on this dazzling hi-def platter

A combination of spirited humour and inventive design ensures that DreamWorks' caveman 'toon is significantly more fun than either of the duffers Pixar served up in 2013. Unsurprisingly, the CG animation works very well in 3D, with the MVC 2.40:1 1080p encode revealing plenty of depth and some good examples of negative parallax with floating embers and other airborne particles. The 2D AVC version is even better, looking slightly sharper and a touch more detailed. Both versions sport a thrilling DTS-HD MA 7.1 mix that really brings the prehistoric world to life.

The Croods 3D, DreamWorks, Region B/C (2D) & Region B (3D) BD, £28 Approx