Cabasse's fourth-generation Eole 5.1 speaker system targets affordable home cinema setups

Cabasse's fourth generation of its Eole 5.1 speaker system is arriving in the UK, championing smart looks and affordable surround sound.

The Eole 4 5.1 will sell for £900, available in both black and white iterations, and partners five newly revised spherical satellite speakers with a new 'Super Slim' subwoofer.

As with Cabasse's previous Eole range, the speakers use a coaxial drive unit, mounting a 29mm tweeter within a 4in midbass. Says the French manufacturer: 'Spherical speakers are the perfect design, eliminating cabinet induced diffraction and enabling a very wide dispersion of sound that is perfect for home cinema systems.' Coaxial units are also employed on its flagship La Sphère speaker and The Pearl wireless model.

The Eole 4 speakers measure 13cm in diameter, and helping them sneak into a living room setup is Cabasse's magnetic mounting base, which allows for two different setups (for shelf- or wall-mounting) and positioning flexibility – 'making it possible to focus the speakers for an optimal configuration.'

The Lipari 21 subwoofer has also been designed with discretion in mind, fitting its 8.25in driver and 400W peak amplifier within a slender cabinet that can be placed either vertically or, says Cabasse, horizontally underneath/within AV furniture.

Cabasse, which is distributed in the UK by Connected Distribution, says its Eole range is 'Europe's biggest selling home speaker package.'