Bored of black? REL releases limited edition T/9i RED subwoofer

REL is selling a limited edition Red version of its T/9i subwoofer. Priced £1,200, the eye-catching bass bin also adds a triple-chromed top-plate badge with carbon fibre edging, and carbon fibre-sleeved feet.

Intended to pay homage to the look of a certain Italian sports car maker – 'we stopped short of adding yellow graphics with a prancing horse as a badge', says REL – the T/9i RED offers the same AV spec as its standard sibling: forward-firing composite alloy/fibre 10in driver, down-firing 10in passive radiator, 300W (RMS) onboard amplifier, and both high-level Neutrik Speakon and low-level stereo/LFE connection. The sub is also compatible with REL's Arrow wireless connection system.

REL claims it took 14 months to get the shade of red 'exactly right,' adding, 'the best affordable all-rounder just became rarer and more beautiful...'

REL Acoustics