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Sonic sensations! Pioneer's VSX-924 7.2-channel AVR and Sony's KD-65X9005B 4K TV deliver explosive audio.
Demo screen! We reveal the Blu-ray discs that will really test your system.
Bargain Blu-ray: Affordable disc-spinners from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony go head-to-head in our grouptest.
Smart TV: We visit LG's Silicon Valley lab to reveal how it is raising the bar for Smart technology.
Focal Dimension/Sub: Hands-on with the premium soundbar with hi-fi heritage.
B&O's poetry in motion: Behind the scenes at Bang & Olufsen.
Plus: reviews of Morel's SoundSpot MT-2 Ultra 5.1 sub/sat array, Samsung's UE40H6400 Smart TV, Mede8er's MED800X3D network media player, Mirror Media's MT42TNE-TTS flatscreen that doubles as a mirror, JBL's Authentics L16 retro wireless speaker, BEM's innovative Kickstand portable projector, and much more!