Arrow's new Candyman Blu-ray serves up some sweet surprises

It turns out there's more than was originally announced when it comes to Arrow Video's upcoming Limited Edition Blu-ray release of Candyman, including one particular treat that is sure to make fans very happy indeed.

Ever since Arrow Video first announced it was working on a new Blu-ray release of Clive Barker's Candyman, fans have been eager to learn which version of the film would be included on the disc. With the team at Arrow giving nothing away, many presumed that we would be getting the US 'R-rated' cut that appeared on the previous UK Blu-ray, rather than the UK theatrical release, which contained an alternate, bloodier, version of the psychiatrist scene (this version was also released on VHS and Laserdisc on these shores).


Having received HCC's review copy of the Candyman: Limited Edition Blu-ray this morning, we're pleased to confirm that Arrow Video has included both cuts of the movie. While the official press release and the listing on Arrow's own online store describes the title as a single-disc release, our review copy is spread across two Blu-ray checkdiscs, the first containing Arrow's new restoration of the 'R-rated' cut and all of the extras that were previously announced, while the second contains the 'UK Theatrical Version' – plus an additional half-hour interview with Clive Barker about the film.


Surprised by this turn of events, we contacted Arrow's Head of Technical and Restoration Services, James White, to see what light he could shed. James replied, saying: 'I spent a good couple months searching for a film element containing this alternate cut of the psychiatrist scene – until finally locating it on a print held at the Media Museum in Bradford. Thanks to this we were able to scan and restore it to match as closely as possible in full resolution.'

Arrow Video's Candyman: Limited Edition Blu-ray is available to buy from October 29.