Arcam adds Auro-3D to AV receiver and processor lineup

Arcam has announced it has introduced the Auro-3D audio format to its HDA range of home cinema receivers/processor, via a free firmware update.

The brand's AVR10, AVR20, AVR30 AVRs, and AV40 processor (pictured), will all now be able to run an Auro-3D speaker system.

The format, developed by the Galaxy Studios Group, adds a height layer to an existing flatbed of speakers, for systems including 9.1 and 13.1 configurations.

But rather than demanding in-ceiling or reflective upfiring speakers, it uses height models directly above traditional speaker positions. Explains Arcam: 'Auro-3D capable speaker formations do not require ceiling speakers, meaning no need to lug out the toolbox. Simply mount speakers above the existing surround layer to enable the required vertical stereo field.'

Although Blu-rays with native Auro-3D soundtracks are in relative short supply compared to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, Auro-3D also offers Auro-Matic upmixing technology, to scale soundtracks – from mono to 7.1 – to its immersive presentation.

'Auro-3D brings to customers the truest to real-life immersive experiences for the home,' says Auro Technologies' CEO, Rudy Van Duppen. 'This announcement signifies a milestone for the expansion of Auro-3D into more devices and Arcam's commitment to expand the availability of Auro-3D.'

Owners can download the firmware update – v1.24 Unit Software – from Arcam's website under the downloads section of their product's page.

Network-connected models will automatically receive the update, but it will then need to be initiated by the user via the Check for Update menu option.

The firmware also intros updates to the existing Dirac and IMAX Enhanced features.