Alfred Hitchcock Collection

Warner shows Universal that quality, not quantity, matter most with its own Hitchcock boxset

Following on from Universal's bumper box of Hitchcock Blu-rays (reviewed here) Warner Home Video's new triple-pack brings together the studio's two previous stand-alone hi-def Hitchcock releases – North by Northwest (released back in 2009) and Dial M for Murder (reviewed here) – with hi-def debutant Strangers on a Train. The AVC 1.33:1 1080p black-and-white encode of the latter impresses from the start with its combination of sharpness, clarity and excellent contrast, and is ably supported by an equally well restored DTS-HD MA mono mix. Extras take the form of a commentary, five featurettes, the theatrical trailer and a standard-def version of the Preview Version of the film.

Warner Home Video, All-region BD, £40 Approx