8K TV lineup will cater to 'all needs and spaces,' says Samsung – while 4K begins at 43in

Samsung has confirmed further details about its 2020 TV lineup, unveiling a range of 8K QLED models that it claims delivers 'an 8K TV fit for all needs and spaces.'

At its annual Samsung Forum, the Korean giant revealed its flagship Q950TS TV – first shown at CES 2020 – will come in 65in, 75in and 85in iterations. Below it will sit the Q900T and Q800T 8K sets, covering sizes from 55in to 98in.

For 4K buyers, Samsung will sell Q60T, Q70T, Q80T, Q90T and Q95T models, in sizes from 43in to 85in.

One promise of the Q950TS, beyond its 8K resolution, is a new design ethos that 'allows you to see beyond the box.' Samsung's 'Infinity Screen' aesthetic is almost bezel-free – the brand boasts of a a 99% screen-to-body ratio – and the chassis as slim as 15mm.

Other new tricks in the Q950TS' armoury are Adaptive Picture, which combines an ambient light sensor with content analysis to fine-tune images to suit the viewing environment, Disney+ app integration, and Quantum Dot AI processing to upscale content (regardless of source) to 8K resolution.

Yet its perhaps with its audio where Samsung's new flagship gets really innovative. Employing six drivers in a 4.2 configuration, with two mounted up top, the set will use Objecting Tracking Sound+ (another AI-based tool) to, says Samsung, 'create a three-dimensional sound effect.

And when partnered with a Samsung Q Series soundbar, the TV's drivers will remain in play, adding a physical height layer to the soundstage.

As for soundbars, Samsung's 2020 range will include Q800T, Q70T and Q60T models, each with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X decoding and the brand's long-running Acoustic Beam tech. In a break from tradition, however, Samsung is adding a new S Series of models aimed less specifically at home cinema sonics. The S60T and S40T 'bars are standalone models (shipping without subwoofers) wrapped in kvadrat grilles. They're described as soundbars 'for music lovers, and those who value premium design.'

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