3net Studios announces world's first 4K TV series

'Space' promises 'lyrical' Ultra HD shots... whatever that means


3net Studios, the new joint venture between Sony, Imax and Discovery, is creating the world's first 4KTV series.
Space, a documentary spread over three hour-long episodes, will be produced in native 3D 4K, 2D 4K, 3D 2K and both 3D/2D HD formats (or what 3net claims is TotalD).
'From the Big Bang to the present and forward into the future, Space gives a vision of the birth, evolution and end of the phenomena that make up the universe as never seen before,' gushes the new production house. 'Billed as the world’s first native 4K project for television, the series employs lyrical and deeply stereoscopic 3D and Ultra HD shots to immerse the viewer within space itself as concepts are presented with relatable visual storytelling.'
Adds CEO Tom Cosgrove: 'Today’s announcement marks an important first step in our ongoing mission to meet the increasing global demand for high-quality, original 3D and 4K television content head on.'
Sounds great - now we just need a 4KTV channel to watch it on.