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Piranha 3D is the ultimate in cinematic guilty pleasures and marks a renaissance of sorts for director Alexandre Aja after the abysmal Mirrors. The plot is so thin that it’s barely worth mentioning. All that really matters is that it’s Spring Break at Lake Victoria, Kelly Brook and adult movie star Riley Steele are 'Wild Wild Girls!', the waters are full of barely-clothed teenagers and an underwater earthquake has unleashed a shoal of prehistoric piranha. What follows is a perfectly playful mix of sex and violence, unleashing both by the barrel-load but always remembering to smile at the same time.

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Resident Evil: Afterlife finds writer/director Paul WS Anderson getting back behind the camera to continue the adventures of Alice (Milla Jovovich) as she fights against the undead in her mission to destroy the nefarious Umbrella Corporation and find a safe home for the human survivors following at her heels. In other words its business as usual then – fast-action, countless nods to the original video games (whether they make sense in the film world or not) and idiotic plotting – but this time it’s in 3D!

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The home of The Sopranos is dipping its toe into the world of organised crime once again. Only this time around it has set its sights on Prohibition-era Atlantic City and its corrupt city treasurer Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson (Steve Buscemi). Add to that the presence of Martin Scorsese as executive producer (and director of the pilot episode) and it’s small wonder that Boardwalk Empire is the smartest and most compelling show around.

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How do you follow up an existential viking movie? If you’re Valhalla Rising director Nicolas Winding Refn you do it by heading over to Hollywood and making the best Michael Mann movie Michael Mann never made.

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Face it – your home cinema system may offer spine-tingling sonics and hi-def visuals to die for, but until you’ve got rid of the cable clutter, the mountain of plasticky remote controls and the BD-strewn carpet, some of your friends won’t be impressed. The owners of this gorgeous theatre room in North London won’t have that problem, though...

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LG has today announced that it will launch its first Google TV at next week's CES tech show in Las Vegas.

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Equal parts The Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield, this darkly humous Norwegian flick follows three college students making a documentary about bear attacks. The wannabe-filmmakers’ focus soon shifts to an alleged poacher whose refusal to let them interview him only makes them more determined. What they don’t realise though is that the mystery man actually works for a top-secret branch of the government, hunting and killing dangerous trolls that escape from their terretories.

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The screech of a TIE Fighter as it flies across the surface of the Death Star. The electrical hum of a lightsaber. Darth Vader’s mechanical breathing. These are the sounds of Star Wars, sounds that have reverberated around home cinemas across the world for decades. With the Star Wars Saga finally making the leap to the ultimate home entertainment format, Anton van Beek caught up with the man charged with remixing these legendary soundtracks for Blu-ray, Skywalker Sound supervising sound editor Matthew Wood…

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Deep Red is arguably Dario Argento’s most important and accomplished film. Having made a name for himself with his ‘animal trilogy’ of thrillers, 1975’s Deep Red saw Argento pushing the genre into new areas, stretching himself as both a storyteller and a visual stylist. What resulted is every bit as gorgeous as it is gruesome, a film of spellbinding beauty and staggering cruelty that satisfies just as much as a murder mystery as it does as an all-out horror.

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While many wait for the 3D conversions of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace and Titanic (well, maybe not...) to hit cinemas next year, Disney has wasted no time in serving up its own slice of stereoscopic nostalgia in the form of The Lion King 3D. And cinema-goers have lapped it up, with US box office receipts hitting $90m in five weeks.