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The past couple of years has seen a growing trend for remastering older games for the current generation of consoles. Which is great news for those of us wanting revisit a classic with the added benefit of snazzy new hi-def graphics. This month it’s the turn of Hideo Kojima’s legendary stealth-action series to get a spot of hi-def spit and polish.

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Regular readers of this column may find it hard to believe that I have gone green. I mean I have heard of being environmentally friendly, I am aware of carbon footprints and CO2 emissions, but I was never going to let any of that get in the way of my lifestyle. Previously, I made Jeremy Clarkson look like a tree-hugging hippie.

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When an avid film-watcher came to St Albans-based FAB AV with plans for a cinema room under his roof, it didn’t look like the easiest of installs. Fitting in a 2.37:1 projector screen and seating for three people, and specifying as close to reference-level 7.1-channel sound as could be achieved, would be a challenge. But with the help of an anamorphic lens, FAB AV managed to live up to his lofty ambitions…

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After success in most other genres, HBO has turned its attention on the fantasy epic with this adaptation of the first of George RR Martin’s acclaimed A Song of Ice and Fire novels. And once again the result is a televisual masterpiece that looks set to live up to its literary source material, which takes the standard fantasy tropes and uses them as the framework for a truly adult fantasy saga of depth and complexity.

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With its reputation confirmed by its CGI character-creation work on the Lord of the Rings movies and Avatar, New Zealand facility Weta Digital seemed the ideal choice to create the myriad simians for Rise of the Planet of the Apes. But how did Joe Letteri, senior visual effects supervisor and a director of the company, tackle the challenge of creating convincing characters?

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Champagne corks are popping at Hannspree's HQ today following the news that it had ranked second in a report of TV sales in Ireland. According to the report, by industry analyst Meko, only Samsung managed to outperform Hannspree in Ireland during Q3 of 2011, with Philips, Sony and LG all trailing behind.

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With a legacy that includes Doom, Quake and various sequels to both, it’s hardly surprising that any new game from developer id Software carries an incredible weight of expectation.

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Joseph L Mankiewicz’s 1963 historical epic cost a spectacular $44million to make (the equivalent of around $300million today) and in the process almost brought studio 20th Century Fox to its knees. Unfortunately, the film’s tortuous production is a more entertaining tale than the one Cleopatra itself serves up. Okay, it’s not a bad film, just a rather average one – which isn’t really what you want from such a ridiculously costly endeavour.

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I often wonder why I am not Tom Cruise. The obvious benefits of being minted, married to Katie Holmes and working with Cameron Diaz aside, I can see absolutely no reason why I am not yet controlling my home cinema system in true Minority Report style. Why am I still surrounded by a clutter of remote controls, rather than simply gesticulating with my fingers and issuing complex voice commands that simultaneously play Blu-ray, dim the lights and move the volume to ASBO level? There is no reason at all, other than the fact that, as yet, no manufacturer has pulled all these readily available technology components together.

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Revel is promising great things from its new Concerta on-wall speaker range, which will be arriving in the UK next month.