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hcchighreccomendThe debut Dolby Atmos soundbar from French manufacturer Devialet is a sensational performer, says Steve May

French hi-fi auteur Devialet has a knack for delivering seismic bass from compact boxes, as seen in its celebrated Phantom speakers that rock like enclosures three times the size. Now comes the Dione, the brand's first Dolby Atmos soundbar, and it punches even lower.

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hccbestbuybadgev3This stylish 'wireless speaker with ambition' catches the eye of Ed Selley. But what about his ears?

When it comes to making beautiful audio products, Italian manufacturer Sonus faber has an impeccable track record. Therefore, its move into the wireless speaker category comes with some aesthetic expectations.

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hccrefstatusbadgeTrinnov's new 16-channel Amplitude model is all the amplifier you'll ever need, argues Steve Withers

Trinnov has forged a reputation when it comes to object-based home cinema sound, its Altitude32 and Altitude16 (HCC #287/#322) processors setting a high bar. But given a processor is only as good as the amp it's partnered with, it figured it had better build some.

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hcchighreccomendThis neat all-in-one soundbar excels with music and big movie audio, says Steve May

Bowers & Wilkins' Panorama 3 soundbar may not come with a subwoofer, but it still drops deep. I've got Bad Guy booming out, and the bass beat on this Billie Eilish 'banger' is brutal. The instrumentation is minimal, but the 'bar still spreads it wide, musical flourishes placed far apart. It's a reassuringly raunchy musical performance for what is ostensibly a home cinema product aimed at the no-fuss streaming movie market.

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hccbestbuybadgev3John Archer discovers that sometimes your EX really can be your best friend

As the eagerly awaited successor to the multi award-winning Philips OLED806 series (see HCC #323), the new OLED807 arrives burdened with the heavy weight of expectation. Can the manufacturer effectively evolve its OLED technology yet again? The answer to that, it turns out, is yes – this range usurps its illustrious predecessor in at least three major ways. But we're getting ahead of ourselves...

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EISA, or the Expert Imaging and Sound Association, is an organisation representing 60 of the most respected special interest publications and websites from 29 countries that cover Hi-Fi, Home Theatre Video, Home Theatre Audio, Photography, Mobile Devices, and In-Car Electronics. Every year EISA’s Expert Group members, including editors from this publication, test a very wide range of new products from their field of expertise before comparing results and voting to decide the cream of every product category.
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hccbestbuybadgev3The native 8K resolution of Samsung's 75in TV is just the start of its attractions, reckons John Archer

Great as the excitement is this year surrounding Samsung's debut QD OLED TVs – the first 'self-emissive' displays from the Korean company in close to a decade – it still determinedly sees Mini LED as its top-flight TV technology. And on the evidence of the flagship 75in QE75QN900B, it has a point. This TV is good enough to have you wondering if your budget will stretch to its premium price tag.

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hccrefstatusbadgeSteve Withers has an object-audio ball with Anthem's most sophisticated AV processor yet

Anthem's AVM 90 has been a long time coming, but it heralds the completion of the Canadian manufacturer's upgraded AV lineup. And while first announced in October 2020, the delayed arrival of this top-of-the-range processor hasn't seemed to harm it. Rather, it means Anthem has been able to offer HDMI 2.1 compatibility out of the box, certainly a demanded feature when a product sells for a cool £6,749.

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Video-on-demand service to relaunch with focus on 'new, fresh content'
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Monster flagship floorstander will enter production later this year, featuring new 'Array' driver installation and bonkers design